• You have to admit this is sort of odd....

    Greta Van Susteren | March 9, 2011 5:57 PM

    There are a lot of stories written about Fox News Channel….the obsession with Fox can seem a bit over the top at times but, yes, we appreciate ALL viewers even those who only watch to criticize.  They count in the ratings, too.  The more the merrier, right?  :)

    But what is odd is that the critics  are fixated – yes fixated – on one hour out of 24 (and sometimes 2 hours out of 24.)  Would you not think they would want to look comprehensive  and not simply obsessed?  You look obsessed when you can’t get your attention off one thing.  Would you not think the critics would want to write about the other 22 to 23 hours on our 24 hour network so as to give their work an appropriate completeness?  I am not suggesting anyone should be enamored with any networks (including Fox, CNN, MS/NBC)  24 hours of programming  or even with my own work at 10pm – but I think it is odd when there is a fixation.

    I read lots of stories trashing Fox by the the critics ..but I rarely see any stories about the good work we do.  The stories don’t hurt –  we still get the largest number of viewers – but I am a bit mystified by the critics.   Have they found nothing worthy?  Really, nothing?

    If Fox is so bad, why do so many people from across the political spectrum – far right to the far left and everything in between – watch? and watch more than any other cable news organization?

    I know the Executive Editor of New York Times has an explanation for our huge viewership compared to the competition.  His explanation is pathetic  - he simply trashed the  viewers.  That was not nice to the viewers.   I confess I was a bit amused when I read his comments since I sure know lots of people who watch Fox who he insulted and who he would not want to insult (eg Former President Bill Clinton told me he watches Fox!)

    OH yes…I also know the critics all think there is a giant Fox conspiracy because so many potential Presidential candidates were or are Fox News Contributors.

    First, I am sure Fox appreciates the implied kudos from the critics that Fox management, in its hiring decisions several years ago when the Presidential race was many year off, had the incredible vision  to be able to predict who will/ would  run for President 3 years down the road.

    Second, some truth…all the networks bid on many if not all of these contributors…they ALL wanted them.   Fox apparently just offered a better deal.

    And I supposed it really upsets some that Fox hired people who have actual political experience — but don’t guests with actual experience make for better guests?  Isn’t that why you pay them more? Don’t you want to hear from people who, having been there, really know?  Or would you prefer to hear from those on the sidelines?  Given a choice, as a viewer, I want to hear from the people who have been on the inside not on the outside. It is the difference between a football sports commentator who has actually played for the NFL and one who only has watched from the sidelines.  (As an aside, it may be why many appreciated my CNN OJ Simpson trial coverage — I was not a spectator, I had actually tried murder cases.  Big difference!)

    OK…even if the critics can’t stay up until 10pm to watch ON THE RECORD at 10pm and see what we do at 10pm….how about FNC’s Bret Baier? He just got back from a weekend trip to Afghanistan?  In all the articles taking shots at Fox, I didn’t see anything about Bret …

    or how about FNC’s Jennifer Griffin? I think right now she is off  in some far away place with Secretary of Defense Gates. Did the critics miss that, too?

    FNC’s Mike Tobin is in Madison covering the legislative spat there….

    Greg Palkot was in Egypt and beaten to a pulp doing work for viewers…

    Jonathan Hunt is or was just in Libya…

    Steve Harrigan has been in Mexico recently covering that war and is now overseas covering the unrest in the Middle East…

    etc etc..

    I could go on and on and on….and on and on.

    And the critics? They just can’t help themselves…while we are out working very hard, they sit and watch….what else? Fox!

    So, even to the critics, thanks for watching.  I do appreciate the viewers…ALL the viewers!

    (PS here is a tip for the critics…when they are bored watching Fox, they might want to take a look at NPR and see if there is any bias there!)