• Was I wrong to ask Speaker Gingrich about marital infidelity?

    Greta Van Susteren | March 8, 2011 1:30 PM

    As you know, Speaker Gingrich is no longer a Fox News contributor — whose job as a contributor, as I understand it, was to comment about the news (give us analysis and his opinion.) He is now a potential candidate for President and thus the subject of the news.  Hence, the nature of my interview with him changed.

    Every candidate for President brings some sort of baggage to the race to explain or justify – it can be age and inexperience to club membership to prior statements to personal history to prior signed legislation etc.  The range is broad.  My job is to ask questions for you.

    If a question has not been asked by me before, and if it an important issue, I will ask it.  I did not enjoy asking Speaker Gingrich about his infidelity but I could not overlook it for the viewer.   It is matter people have been talking about in connection with his expected race for the White House.

    I asked it bluntly, but in a respectful manner.  I neither badgered him nor let him off the hook.  I asked the question and included a follow up.  Let me repeat, I asked it bluntly but in a respectful manner.

    He answered my questions and the voter can accept or reject his answer.  Frankly, since everyone is talking about it, it is only fair that we hear his full and complete explanation and that he be able to give it.

    Was I wrong to ask it?