• update on Capitol Hill from FNC's Chad Pergram

    Greta Van Susteren | April 4, 2011 10:50 PM


    Urgent: Guidance on new CR plus info on “riders.”

    Per Pergram-Capitol Hill

    This new CR would conceivably kick in at 12:00:01 am Saturday if adopted. However, Team Boehner repeatedly calls this a backup…and suggests they will only “break glass” on this if they have to.

    However, senior appropriators tell me that they are writing this as though it is going to the floor…although there is no plan to go to Rules or the floor just yet (remember….they need “three days” in the House..to allow bills to lay over before they can consider them).

    In addition, one senior GOP source tells me they are unsure if they have the votes for this.

    The $12 billion in cuts in this bill is culled from an array of places across the original, $61 billion bill passed in February. I’m told some of the cuts are also in the Senate’s CR which failed.

    There are two riders..neither of which are “biggies” like EPA, defunding health care or Planned Parenthood.

    One rider would ban federal and local money from paying for abortions in the District of Columbia…

    The other rider would ban the transfer of detainees to the US, would require that the Secretary of Defense certify that the transfer of a detainee to a third country would not put the US at risk…and it would also ban the construction or modification of any prison on US soil to hold detainees..

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