• This is what Speaker of the House Boehner thinks about the President's address tonight

    Greta Van Susteren | March 28, 2011 8:12 PM

    Below is an email I received from my FNC colleague Chad Pergram:


    Urgent: Boehner spokesman says Obama waited too long and got “few new answers’

    Per Pergram-Capitol Hill

    From spokesman Mike Steel

    “It was helpful that the American people were able to hear from their Commander-in-Chief tonight. Unfortunately, Americans waited a long time to get few new answers. Whether it’s the American resources that will be required, our standards and objectives for engaging the rebel opposition, or how this action is consistent with U.S. policy goals, the speech failed to provide Americans much clarity to our involvement in Libya. Nine days into this military intervention, Americans still have no answer to the fundamental question: what does success in Libya look like?”

    Chad Pergram

    FOX News

    Senior Producer-U.S. House of Representatives