• The gaming of you just doesn't stop....

    Greta Van Susteren | March 11, 2010 10:51 AM

    Do any of you think the student loan program is part of health care?  Of course not.  But……while you are not looking, did you know the Obama Administration is trying to include (slip?) a student loan reform bill into the health care reconciliation?  (see below) You and I both know the student loan program has zero to do with health care…this is just more gaming of the American people and it is wrong.

    “….The White House and Democratic leaders are considering wrapping a student loan reform bill into the reconciliation “fix it” bill the Senate plans to pass for health care reform…..”


    Don’t get me wrong.  I love the student loan program.  I needed it to pay for my law school education (yes, I paid back every cent.)  I think the student loan program is very important to our nation but it should be done correctly – separately from health care legislation.  It should not be “slipped in” — we should make sure it has been fully considered (consistent with the rules) and agreed upon. If it needs to be reformed, let’s do it…but not by slipping in through the back door.  (And yes, I know the old excuse “that is how it is done” — but maybe we should stop? and how about now?)

    And while I am on the topic — we are getting gamed another way that needs to be repeated.  What is NOT being considered by the Democrats in the CBO scoring of their health care reform bill is the $250-$350 BILLION dollar doctor fix. Yes, we must do the so called doctor fix but to deny that paying doctors this money is somehow outside our health care cost is absolutely delusional.  Doctors deliver health care – they are essential to health care and to deny their cost as being part of it is…well…as just noted….delusional. It is also an effort to game you so that you don’t know what health care costs.  Of course we need to pay the doctors — what we don’t need is for Congress to lie (slick? hide?) to the American people about the costs since we foot the bill.  We can face reality but only if we get it straight.  When you see the next CBO score, make sure you add in the doctor fix since Congress won’t.