• October 6, 2009 05:40 PM UTC

    Road trip to Capitol Hill today

    We took a “road trip” to Capitol Hill today – both Senate and House side.  Check out the pics from part of our journey…pics from our interview with Senator Coburn who goes ON THE RECORD at 10pm tonight to our journey to the House of Representatives.  We decided to go through the tunnels to from the Senate to the Capitol to the House — and what a sight that is!  We also got lost and asked directions a bunch of times.  It felt like the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. We walked and we also rode the underground subway.  I figured many of you have seen the Capitol or certainly seen pics of it but never the basement…the tunnels…so here they are in this pic slideshow.

    Photo Gallery

    • In Senator Coburn's office
    • this was when we were really lost and could not find anyone to ask directions
    • subway from Capitol to the House of Reps
    • close up
    • adjacent to the Capitol subway that goes to the House side
    • hall / basement
    • halls / basement
    • more of tunnels
    • the basement from Senate to Capitol to House
    • when we walked in, the Senator was working...
    In Senator Coburn's office
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