• Is the Washington Post's Rosalind Helderman taking a slap at Fox ? me ? or the Attorney General ? or something else?

    Greta Van Susteren | August 4, 2010 9:38 AM

    The below is from my local (on line) paper – the Washington Post – and I am trying to figure out the motive for this posting.  Is this columnist / journalist posting “just the facts” and making an important or interesting observation or is she taking a swipe at Fox, the Attorney General and/or me ?

    I am delighted that she linked to our interview since we work really  long hours and we appreciate our viewers – especially when we have worked extra hard on a story.  I don’t need to tell you that we got up early Monday morning and drove all the way to Richmond, Virginia, and then drove all the way back and then we worked until almost midnight on 2 very important national stories (health care and illegal immigration.)  We have been covering these two stories in great depth for you and we are very interested in both news stories.   Both stories have taken us around the country – which means you since you go with us – and of course illegal immigration has even taken us to Mexico. (No, we don’t just sit in the newsroom, we go out and do old fashion reporting and news gathering on ON THE RECORD at 10pm.)

    Yes, this week’s early Morning hustle paid off for our ON THE RECORD at 10pm viewers in that the Virginia State Attorney General was not just a random guest but THE national news maker on Monday.  Even the columnist’s own newspaper makes that admission since the front page of this columnist’s own Washington Post newspaper (above the fold, too) carried the story about the State A/G and illegal immigration.  When we got to Richmond the Federal Court decision came out on Virginia’s challenge to the national health care law.  And, of course, that story was also (I think) front page news of the Washington Post on Tuesday.  (The “go to” for the Washington Post?)

    So….I can’t tell if this columnist is tipping her hat to our ON THE RECORD at 10pm for our hustle on two stories the Washington Post was likewise covering (from their newsroom?) or being a bit snarky towards us or Fox…or maybe she just doesn’t like the Virginia State Attorney General?  You decide….

    And yes, of course I notice the irony of the fact that she says he is the “go to” for Fox but that he is the subject of multiple stories in her paper (“Washington Post love” like her “Fox love” description?.)

    I do appreciate that she updated her column with the fact that the State Attorney General appeared on other networks besides Fox which undermines the snarky “go to” about Fox. However, my reading is that she shows her hand (i.e. bias.)

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