• Why Doesn't CNN Say Something? Is This Right?

    Greta Van Susteren | October 21, 2010 8:55 PM

    I constantly flip through the channels….and my friend Kathleen Parker is on CNN at 8pm so I make sure to make a stop there from time to time.

    So…I just did my evening channel surfing and I heard a guest on CNN talking about doing a story years ago on then candidate George W. Bush.  The guest said she met with candidate Bush many years ago and that Condoleeza Rice was there  meeting with Bush to discuss international matters.  Since I am soon to interview the President about his new book, I paused.

    What was bizarre is that the CNN guest made a sexual inuendo about Bush and Rice (including talking about “body language” and that Rice was wearing a tight short mini skirt) and neither Spitzer nor Parker said anything about it being just trashy and wrong to do.   Neither stopped it.

    Cheap, huh?  Don’t they get it?  Is that really right to let things like that go?  or worse, laugh?

    I think my channel surfing days are over.  I will stay on the O’Reilly Factor even during commercials.

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