• Another 'On the Record' Road Trip - Heading to Washington State

    Greta Van Susteren | October 12, 2010 9:41 AM

    We are up early headed to the State of Washington where the Senate race is tight. I was just emailed a new poll placing Democratic incumbent Senator Patty Murray behind by one point. I guess it is very safe to say this is a cliffhanger !

    We have an interview scheduled with candidate Rossi and have been flooding Senator Murray with requests. Late last night the Murray campaign got back to us with a no. We decided to go to Washington state anyway and do the interview with Mr. Rossi since we tried so hard with Murray and offered the moon (any time, any place.). We did not want her campaign’s “no” to stop us from trying to cover the race.

    Incidentally we were told that she would not be in the area and hence the reason for the no. Had we heard from them earlier we would have again offered to go to where she might be (which we do not know.). Our goal is to offer the same to both sides of races as best we can. We offer same opportunity to both sides of the races.

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